Bobby McFerrin: Say Ladeo

Bobby McFerrin performing "Say Ladeo". (C) Universal International Music BV . From the album "Vocabularies".
Written by Roger Treece, Don Rosler & Bobby McFerrin.  Video directed by Directed by Bud Schaetzle.
Video & album produced by Linda Goldstein.  (C) Universal International Music BV

"Where Do I Come In". Performed by Spottiswoode. Written by Don Rosler. Produced by Terry Radigan & Don Rosler. Illustrations/Video by Maria Eugenia.

"Halfway Honest Living" Performed by Jeremy Sisto & The Valentines. Written by Don Rosler. Produced by Don Rosler with Terry Radigan & Jim Gately

"My Reprieve" Performed by Jay ("aka" dogbrain) Ward from "dogbrain: Nest". Written by Ward & Rosler. Produced by Jay Ward. Video by Jason Kessler. Produced by Jason Kessler and Bernadette Quigley.

"Doris from Rego Park" lyric video. Written & Performed by Don Rosler.